Devi Water, "Sri Yantra", Blue Glass Water Bottle

Drink water that is alive!


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Product information "Devi Water, "Sri Yantra", Blue Glass Water Bottle"

Since our body consists of 70% water, we are the water we drink.

The Devi Water bottle harmonizes, energizes and revitalizes the filled water by combining special elements such as cobalt blue glass, sacred geometries, symbols and mantras in the design and by anchoring sound frequencies.
It has been scientifically proven that water absorbs sound waves, colours, forms, words, even emotions and thoughts and changes its energy level. Drinking water daily from the Devi Water bottle helps to improve your physical, energetic, emotional and mental body.
The water can simply be filled from your water filter or, depending on the quality of your tap water, also directly into the Devi Water bottle. The bottle will improve the water quality, energize it and soften it.
SRI YANTRA: Creativity as union of the feminine and masculine aspects of the divine.

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