Hair Care

Well-groomed, shiny hair conveys the image of vitality and health. The composition of our shampoos and conditioners is based on ayurvedic recipes. They are free of sulphates, silicone and alcohol and nourish and strengthen the hair with selected herbs such as Bhringraj (Eclipta alba) or Vetiver (tropical sweet grass) and roses used in Ayurveda.

Shampoo Rose, organic

Content: 200 ml (€3.98* / 100 ml)

Hair Conditioner Rose

Content: 150 ml (€5.30* / 100 ml)

Ayurveda Repair Shampoo Vetiver

Content: 200 ml (€4.98* / 100 ml)

Ayurveda Repair Conditioner Vetiver

Content: 150 ml (€6.63* / 100 ml)


Hair Care

Whether you have short, long, fine, damaged or greasy hair, it is important that your hair receives the right care. That means a care that cleanses, builds and maintains your hair and does not burden it with harmful chemicals.

Our Amrita Organics Shampoo Vetiver and Shampoo Rose do not contain silicones, parabens or aggressive sulphates. Also our Ayurveda Hair Wax, our Ayurveda Repair Herbal Hair Oil has no chemical additives. This also applies to our hair conditioner Rose and our Ayurveda Repair conditioner.

Why do we offer hair care without silicones and parabens? For many people, the use of shampoos containing sulphate leads to dandruff, drying of the hair and itching. Because aggressive sulphates dissolve the natural greasy film of the hair, they often become porous and brittle.

Treat your hair with Amrita Organics hair care products based on ayurvedic recipes
The shampoos from Amrita Organics Shop not only clean the hair and scalp very well, they also give the hair a natural shine. Our hair care products are based on ayurvedic recipes. We use the following ayurvedic ingredients:

Eclipta plant:
The plant has flowers similar to our silver thistle. It grows in India in the Himalayas and in the mountains of South America, and is also called the "Queen of Hair. The Eclipta plant cools the scalp, strengthens the hair roots and protects the hair from drying out. Eclipta acts like a natural conditioner and gives beautiful and strong hair.

Vetiver oil
Is made from the tropical sweet grass with the Latin name "Vetiveria Zizanioides". The vetiver extract moisturizes the hair and relaxes the scalp. We combine vetiver with pure sea salt, as this soothes the scalp, which tends to itch. Vetiver gives the hair elasticity and volume.

Amla (Indian gooseberry)
The oil of the amla berry has many benefits for the hair: it is rich in vitamin C, proteins and antioxidants. It has a slightly antiseptic effect and makes the hair smooth and soft. The Amla oil is also said to stimulate hair growth. The Amla berry grows on a small tree. It comes originally from India, but also grows in the dry forests of Central and South America.

Coconut oil
The coconut oil revitalizes stressed hair. It contains vitamins and minerals that strengthen and moisturize dry hair from within. The oil also works against split ends. 

How many hairs does a person have?
A human being has five million hairs on his body, of which he carries between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on his head. Blond people have finer hair on average than brunettes and redheads. Blondes have more hair than black-haired, brunettes and redheads. Every human hair has its own growth rhythm. It grows daily by about 0.35 millimetres for two to six years. After this active growth phase, a two-week transition phase begins. Then, after a two to four-month rest period, the hair is rejected by a regrowing hair.

Voluminous and shiny hair stands for beauty, vitality and health. It is worthwhile to regularly care for the hair, whether it is thin or thick, straight or wavy, blonde, brunette, red or black, with a natural shampoo and conditioner from Amrita Organics.