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EM - Effektive Mikroorganismen® - bestehen aus Milchsäurebakterien, Photosynthese-Bakterien und Hefe. EM-Mikroorganismen® unterstützen ein gesundes und natürliches Pflanzenwachstum. Sie halten außerdem Oberflächen sauber und keimfrei. Für den Bio-Garten haben wir eine Auswahl aus wunderschönen Samen von Blumen und besonderen Gemüsesorten zusammengestellt.


Save the bees - flower mixture, organic
This mixture provides important nutrients that the bees urgently need for survival. Bees are responsible for almost 80% of pollination worldwide and produce 1/3 of our food crops. Bees die at an alarming rate due to pesticides, industrialized agriculture, habitat destruction, lack of food, parasites and climate change. We can help them by growing organic flowers, which provide them with the food they need to fight the stresses they face. Included in the blend buckwheat, cornflower, calendula, borage, dill and phacelia. Instructions: Direct sowing in late spring. Dig and rake the soil to a fine slope. Spread the seeds evenly. Cover lightly with soil. Keep moist.Portion 4g (3-4m² surface area)

Feed the birds - Wildflower mixture, organic
Blumen mit Samen, die Vögel lieben! Wir können unseren Teil dazu beitragen, der Natur etwas zurückzugeben, indem wir Blumen züchten, die nicht nur schön sind, sondern auch den einheimischen Vögeln dringend benötigte Nahrung bieten. Blumen liefern im Sommer Nektar für Bienen, Bestäuber und Kolibris und produzieren im Herbst nahrhafte Samen für Vögel. Lassen Sie die Blüten auf den Pflanzen, bis sie reifen. Anweisungen: Direktsaatgut im Frühjahr, wenn sich die Bodentemperaturen erwärmt haben und in Ihrer Nähe keine Frostgefahr besteht. Halten Sie den Bereich bis zum Keimen feucht. Diese Mischung enthält: Zinnia Elegans, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) ‘Hella’, Coreopsis Tinctoria, Callistephus Chinensis (China Aster), Rubeckia Hirta, (Black-eyed Susan), Cosmos Bipinnatus. Portion: 0,4g ( 4-5m² area)

EM Primeval Sea Salt “Finger Salt”
The origin220 million years ago, there was an incomplete volcanic eruption on the border of the Wiehengebirge in northern Germany. In a depth of 800m it enclosed a part of the ancient ocean that existed there in those days. Since then, it is protected from any environmental influences. Its special feature is its extremely high mineral content of 31,8%.Initially, EMIKO® Primeval Sea Salt was an unspoilt sea water in healing quality which is confirmed by a consultant recommendation. It is free of pollution, doesn´t have to be cleaned and has a stable unique composition of minerals. All ingredients of the ancient ocean can be transformed from liquid to cristal form. Therefore, this salt contains only 91,5% NaCl. The rest is other minerals.For EMIKO® Primeval Sea Salt, the initial brine is combined with EM-X Gold® and EM-X® Ceramics to transfer the resonances of the EM Effective Microorganisms®. The drying process and forming of the salt cristals takes place at max. 40°C. Due to this careful process the salt has an absolutely unique taste.Excellent tasteEMIKO® Primeval Sea Salt is not only of an excellent taste, but has an extraordinary high portion of important mass and trace elements. Solved in water, the Brine is more like a vegetable brew than simple salt water. Due to its positive qualities, it emphazises the tastes of fresh foods and can be used in many ways.

Content: 200 g (€5.95* / 100 g)

Tomato, organic
Lycopersicon EsculentumLong clusters of small, plump, red fruits on vigorous plants. Sweet and delicious. Start indoors, 6-8 weeks before last frost. Sow seeds 1 cm deep. Plant out when soil is warm or plant in a greenhouse, 40-60 cm apart in double rows 75-100 cm apart. Support: cage/ stake/trellis. Fertile, well-draining soil. Full-sun.Portion: 0.1 g

EM 1 Soil aid
EM is sold as EM-1, which is EM in its dormant state and which has a shelf life of 12 months if the bottle is unopened. EM should be activated by mixing EM-1 with sugar cane and water and allowing them to ferment in a sealed vessel of 7 days. Once is activated EM is called EM-A- EM Activated.1 litre of EM-1 will produce 20 litres of EM-A, which can then be further diluted 1:100 with water i.e. 200 litres of usable product.A regular application of EM1 results in: vitalization of the soil life, microbial balance, enhancing of the ecosystem’s self-healing power, healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy people. Application: For cleaning: Add one cap EM1 into the water and use it for cleaning floor, toilet, windows, mirrors (you can but don’t have to add another cleaning detergent). A half cup in a vaporizer will remove odors in the home (cigarettes, wet dog smell, food). For bathing: Add one cap EM1 into the bath water.For washing vegetables: Add one cap EM1 in the washing water or just spray the vegetables with EM1 as this removes harmful substances from the surface and helps to keep the vegetables fresh (best way is to wash them and store them wet in a plastic bag in the fridge).

Content: 0.5 l (€37.00* / 1 l)

Lettuce, organic
Lactuca sativa var. CapitataA ruby-red butterhead rosette with tightly folded, light-green hearts. Excellent flavour, even in hot weather. Sow in spring as soon as the soil can be worked. Sow seeds 1 cm deep and 2.5cm apart. Thin to 20-25 cm apart each way. Stagger plantings up until 2 months before the first frost. Full sun or partial shade.Portion: 0.15 g


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