Natural Soaps

"Oh, they smell so good." This is what our customers tell us over and over again when they smell our organic soaps. Our soaps are lovingly produced in the Odenwald from high-quality coconut, olive and sunflower oil. An additive of certified essential oils gives them their wonderful scent. The Amrita Organics soaps do not dry out the skin. They are suitable for frequent hand washing. 

Handmade Soap Rose, organic
Find yourself in the fragrance of a flower field with our Organic Handmade Soap Rose. The creamy soap made of nutritious cacao butter and coconut oil softly cleans and pampers the skin. It is suitable for dry and normal skin. The high quality handmade soap is based on pure organic ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and cacao butter with natural extracts from flower essences.

Content: 75 g (€6.67* / 100 g)

Handmade Soap Lavender, organic
Our lavender dream made of nutritious coconut oil and shea butter lends a creamy soft feeling to the skin. The antiseptic property of the pure lavender essence calms sensitive, oily and impure skin. The soft scent of lavender with a touch of patchouli has a pleasant balancing effect. The high quality handmade soap is based on organic ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and shea butter combined with 100% pure essential lavender oil and patchouli oil.

Content: 75 g (€6.67* / 100 g)

Handmade Shampoo Soap, organic
Feel the fresh citrus aroma of this handmade shampoo soap which is a perfect alternative hair care. The well-foaming soap is ideal for normal to greasy hair and can also be used for the body. The unique combination of 100 % essential lemongrass and rosemary oil with pure sea salt has a vitalizing effect on the scalp and prevents dandruff. Natural organic castor oil and jojoba oil have a strengthening effect on the hair and provide it with a silky smooth shine. The high quality handmade soap is based on pure organic ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil and sea salt combined with 100 % pure essential lemongrass oil and rosemary oil.

Content: 75 g (€6.67* / 100 g)

Handmade Lemongrass & Tulsi Soap, organic
The extraordinary lemongrass and tulsi scent brings high spirits and freshness to your day! The moisturizing soap from natural pure olive oil, nourishing coconut oil and shea butter is suitable for sensitive and dry skin. The unique combination of organic oils provides care and leaves a pleasant silky skin feeling. The soft tulsi leaves in the soap have an enjoyable peeling effect. The high quality handmade soap is based on pure organic ingredients combined with 100 % pure essential lemongrass oil.

Content: 75 g (€6.67* / 100 g)

Rose Bath Fizzer
For a soothing bath with relaxing and balancing effect in the cold season or after a stressful day!  The wonderful flowery fragrant Bath Roses are made with love by hand. Cacao butter makes the skin soft and velvety. Dissolve the bath rose in warm water and enjoy. Bath roses are an ideal present and are wrapped in a pretty sachet.

Content: 30 g (€11.50* / 100 g)


Natural Soaps

The first living creatures to benefit from soap were not, for example, humans. It was the sheep! The Sumerian people, who live in what is now Iraq, chiselled a soap recipe on a stone in cuneiform script some 2500 years ago. However, this soap was not used by people, but to wash the fat from the wool of sheep, sometimes to clean wounds. Only the Romans discovered soap as a cleansing agent for the body. The term "alkaline", which is used in connection with the production of soaps, comes from Arabic (al-qalya). Alkalis are substances that form alkaline solutions (lyes) together with water. They belong to the group of bases. The Sumerians cook alkaline (basic) vegetable ashes with oils. 

2500 years later a life without soap is unimaginable. Because soap can do what water cannot do: Dissolve fat. This is important because most of the dirt on our skin is greasy. However, soap has a tendency to damage the natural acid mantle of the skin and dry it out. This is especially true if they are made with substances from mineral oils. For the organic soaps from Amrita Organics we therefore only use naturally pure, organic oils and fats.

Organic soaps, handmade in the Odenwald
We produce our Amrita Organics soaps in our soap factory in the beautiful Odenwald with much love and care. Our skin is something very intimate. We are aware of the great responsibility at every step of the production of our organic natural soaps. In the production of Amrita Organics organic natural soaps we attach great importance:

We do not use raw materials derived from animals.

We produce our Amrita Organics organic soaps without mineral oils, synthetic agents, additives or foaming agents. 

Nature is perfect. In every herb and every blossom there is a great power. We only use 100% pure vegetable oils, essential oils and spices from controlled organic cultivation.

The oldest healing art of mankind comes from India. The connection between energy and matter is extremely important in this teaching. We use plants like Tulasi (holy basil), which have a holistic effect on the body.

Genuine handwork means highest quality and individuality. A natural vegetable oil varies according to climate and harvest. We take this into account in our soap manufacture. 

You might ask yourself if solid soaps are less hygienic and clean less well than liquid soaps. Scientists from South Korea have been able to prove that soaps mixed with water in one piece are just as effective as antibacterial liquid soaps. Not only are they much more expensive and quicker to use, they are packaged in plastic bottles. Environmental protection is very important to us and that is why we pack the Amrita Organics organic soaps in recycled paper lovingly designed by our graphics team.

A cheap organic shampoo for your hand luggage? We have it.
Are you looking for a shampoo that is not liquid? A shampoo that you can take on the plane in your hand luggage? We are proud of our bestseller, the handmade Amrita Organics organic shampoo soap. It is sufficient for countless hair washes, foams gently but intensively and has a pleasant fresh scent. The shampoo soap is suitable for all hair types except for quickly greasy hair. The shampoo soap is not only very practical, it is also much cheaper than a liquid shampoo.