Natural Cosmetics

Was wenn es möglich wäre, sich selbst etwas gutes zu tun und gleichzeitig Menschen in Not zu helfen? Mit unserer Naturkosmetik ist genau dies möglich. Amrita Organics Naturkosmetik wird mit hochwertigen Bio-Rohstoffen in Deutschland hergestellt. Sie ist frei von synthetischem Duft und Farbstoffen, überwiegend Vegan und entspricht den strengen Kriterien für kontrollierte Naturkosmetik. 

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Body Oil Rose, organic
Organic Body Oil Rose is an intensive care for beautiful skin. The nourishing composition of organic oils acts regenerating and helps with dry skin. Exquisite jojoba oil, almond oil, sesame oil and sunflower oil smooth the skin and create a long-lasting soft touch. Jojoba and almond oil give rich moisture. Sesame oil contains many precious fatty acids which strengthen the protective barrier of the skin and recover stressed skin cells. Sunflower seeds store abundant sunlight and give in combination with the sunflower oil precious vitamins and fats to the skin. The flowery fragrance provides relaxing moments of well-being.

Body Cream Rose
The rich moisturizing body cream contains pure organic rose water and indulges the senses with the noble rose fragrance. Valuable compounds of organic almond oil, organic jojoba oil and organic shea butter nourish and regenerate the skin. The high-quality cream is suitable for all skin types and restores suppleness to dry and sensitive skin. Strict quality control of the BDIH certified organic cultivation guarantee the pureness of our valuable ingredients: Organic rose water: Pure rose water is an optimal moisturizer for the skin and provides a balanced pH-level. The full range of the rose unfolds in this pure distillate. It tightens, relaxes and calms the skin at the same time. Organic shea butter: Sheabutter is produced from the Shea or Karité nut. The Karité nut has a fat content of 50 percent and is rich in vitamin E, beta-Carotene and allantoin. The shea butter gives dry skin a long-lasting intensive care. It protects the skin from external environmental influences and prevents premature aging. Organic almond oil: The natural mild almond oil with its warm note is very skin friendly. Even sensitive skin gets harmonised and smooth. The moisture content of the skin gets sustainably regulated. Organic jojoba oil: Jojoba oil is rapidly absorbed by the skin and makes it more resistant. It strengthens the skin’s own natural protective barriers against cold, solar radiation and dry air.

Body Balm Rose, organic
Organic Body Balm Rose caresses the skin with its soft fragrance and leaves it silky soft. Natural shea butter and cacao butter nurture and strengthen the skin and give a rich feel-good body care. The intensive moisturizing effect of high quality organic almond oil and coconut oil are an ideal care for dry skin. The precious oil is rapidly absorbed and has a balancing effect on sensitive and irritated skin. Body Balm is suitable for dry and normal skin, especially in the winter time it is a welcome protection against external influences like cold and dry air. The body butter has a natural sun protection factor of 3-4 and protects the skin against solar radiation due to its moisture binding properties.

Nasya Oil, organic
Amrita Organics Nasya oil is a beneficial mixture of nurturing organic almond oil and ayurvedic organic sesame oil with Brahmi and added essential oils of sage, sandalwood and eucalyptus etc. In Ayurveda the application of a few drops of nasya oil on both nasal entrances is part of the daily morning routine. This balances the senses and has a harmonizing and relaxing effect on the head and neck area. Dry air, polluted air in the environment and cold air can dry the nasal mucous membrane out and it might cause cracks. Nasya oil has protective and nourishing properties. The exquisite composition of the contained essential oils purifies excess mucous and dirt particles from the nose. The precious sesame oil with Brahmi adds a gentle relaxing touch to the nose oil and balances head and mind. High quality essential sage and eucalyptus oil refreshes and opens the airways. The sandalwood has an antibacterial and soothing effect on the skin.

Content: 20 ml (€59.75* / 100 ml)

Hand Cream Rose
Our Hand Cream Rose gives care and protection to dry and rough hands. It gets absorbed quickly and activates the vitality of the skin. Precious organic almond oil lends elasticity to the skin and supplies it with moisture. Nurturing organic shea butter prevents the skin from dehydration. The cream is free of synthetic fragrances. Organic rose water adds a fine harmonizing touch to the cream. Our hands are often stressed – they are exposed to wind and weather, UV-radiation and environmental impacts. Regular hand washing also affects the natural skin barrier. The skin on the back of the hand is as delicate and soft as the facial skin. It does not have many sebaceous glands and can therefore not store sufficient moisture. Hand Cream Rose gives care to sensitive skin with exquisite extracts of organic plant based ingredients. Even damaged and rough skin starts feeling soft and smooth.

Content: 50 ml (€10.90* / 100 ml)

Rose Water Spray
Our rose water spray is a delightful refreshment for face and neck. The natural rose water, obtained from of a pure distillate of Rosa Damascena, caresses your senses, moisturizes and relaxes the skin. The precious rose water is produced from controlled organic cultivation, contains no alcohol, no preservatives, no artificial coloring or fragrance.  Because of its high quality and pureness it can be used for all skin types, it has a soothing and pampering effect on sensitive, demanding, stressed and dry skin. The enchanting fragrance and the wonderful effects of the Rosa Damscena have been famous in the orient for centuries. The natural hydrolate is moisturizing, balances the ph-value of the skin and has an anti-aging effect. The rose water spray is suitable for daily use with dry room air, or as a refreshment on hot summer days and during travelling. Some additional tips how to use the rose water: As a daily cleansing water: Its antibacterial effect makes it an ideal cleansing face tonic to prevent impurities. It can also be useful for acne. The rose water refines the pores and has a calming effect on irritated and red skin. As a tonic: Precious ingredients like vitamin A and C and antioxidants help to invigorate tired skin and give it a soft touch. The toning properties can smooth wrinkles and has a lifting effect. For removing make- up: A great natural alternative for removing make-up. Just mix some plain almond or coconut oil with a few sprays rose water on cotton pad and start the cleaning! For hair: A few sprinkles of the wonderful fragrant rose water give a glossy sheen to the hair and have a vitalizing and moisturizing effect. For the eyes: The refreshing rose water can smooth fine lines and can help with puffy eyes. It can give red, tired eyes a pleasant cooling relief after a hard working day. Just spray a little of rose water on 2 cotton pads and keep on closed eyes for ten minutes. To refresh: On hot summer days the rose water spray is a welcome refreshment with a few sprayers on face and neck. After a sunbath or sunburn it can have a cooling effect. Also during hot flashes a few sprays of the cooling fluid can help. It can be relieving for itchy skin. After shaving it can be refreshing and smoothing for men. For babies: The mild rose water is suitable for the sensitive and vulnerable baby skin, can nourish and have a soothing effect on the nappy area. It is a pleasant addition to the baby bath.


In the Amrita shop you will find high-quality natural cosmetics, based on the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and awarded with the COSMOS seal of approval for natural and organic cosmetics. 

Why are natural cosmetics actually better than conventional cosmetics?
Thanks to natural ingredients, natural cosmetics are better tolerated by the skin of most people than conventional cosmetics. Skin irritations and allergies are triggered less frequently. Many ingredients of conventional skin care products have a negative effect on the skin's respiratory system as well as on the skin's own regenerative ability, defence and regulation of the moisture balance. In this way the skin is downright "weakened" and remains dependent on care products.

Cosmetics with natural ingredients, on the other hand, support the skin in its natural regenerative capacity and bring it into balance. Their ingredients are generally of a higher quality and do not clog the pores. 

The certified, organic and natural cosmetics that you can find in the Amrita shop are made with organic ingredients, are free of mineral and crude oil, paraffins and synthetic preservatives.

How can natural cosmetics be recognized?
You can recognize valuable natural cosmetics on the one hand by the ingredients and on the other hand by the COSMOS seal. The COSMOS standard was created by an international, non-profit association based in Belgium. The association ensures that consumers are provided with clear and transparent information about a natural product.  

What are natural ingredients in natural cosmetics?
- natural oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil, etc.
- essential oils from flowers or woods
- Herbal extracts like Tulasi (Indian basil)
- natural fragrances like roses or almond blossoms
- Blossom water
- Beeswax
- fats, such as coconut fat, cocoa or shea butter

What are synthetic ingredients in cosmetics?
- Polyethylene glycols - PEG for short
- Parabens
- Silicones
- Paraffins
- Petroleum Products
- Synthetic fragrances
Why are synthetic environmental substances harmful to the environment?
Many synthetically manufactured personal care products are contaminated with potentially harmful chemicals: According to a study by the "Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland" (German Environmental Protection Agency), more than every fourth product contains hormonally active substances. Parabens, for example, which are mostly used as preservatives, interfere with the development processes in the body.

Do harmful substances enter the body through the skin?
The skin's barrier against substances from the environment is only about one tenth of a millimeter thick, which means it is very thin. This barrier consists of about 20 layers of horny cells and a protective film of fat and water, the so-called natural acid mantle. Many harmful substances are so aggressive that they penetrate the skin's protective acid mantle and reach the underlying, blood-supplied dermis. From there they reach the whole body via the bloodstream.

Does skin care really help?
Our skin consists of billions of cells. They are constantly renewing themselves by rejecting dead horny cells. The skin's ability to function varies according to genetic predisposition. Therefore, some people have dry skin, others have oily skin. With age, the renewal function of the skin generally decreases. Skin cells not only constantly regenerate, they also adapt to the environmental conditions. Overheated rooms, strong sunlight and air pollution in the cities demand a lot from our skin. Skin care based on natural ingredients supports our largest organ in its complicated processes. High-quality oils and fats and activating substances such as aloe vera strengthen the skin's natural acid mantle and nourish the cells at the same time.

Healthy cells let the skin shine
The skin is a very complex organ. The health of the skin cells depends on many factors: 
- Nutrition
- Psyche
- Environmental influences
- Age
- Genetics
- Care
We are happy to support you in your skin care. Together with experts in the fields of naturopathy, Ayurveda and natural cosmetics, we have developed formulas for dry, sensitive and combination skin. We have also dealt with the topic of skin aging and have done a lot of research on the subject of anti-aging.

Which natural organic ingredients do we use? 

Almond oil - for dry, sensitive skin 

Contains potassium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamins A, B, D, E. Makes the skin elastic and firm, reduces wrinkles and thus acts "anti-aging". Almond oil is very quickly absorbed by the skin. 

Jojoba oil - for all skin types

Contains the provitamins A and E, a natural sun protection factor and anti-oxidants. Thanks to the special composition of its fatty acids, jojoba cares for both dry and oily skin. The jojoba bush belongs to the order of clove-like plants and grows in deserts and semi-deserts.   

Sesame oil - for all skin types

Contains 42 percent linoleic acid. The epidermis, the outer protective mantle of the skin, consists of ceramides. Ceramides are lipids which can be imagined as a kind of building blocks of the skin. The main component of ceramide 1 which is most frequently found in the epidermis is linoleic acid. It protects the skin from light and harmful substances and it regulates the water balance. Sesame oil has always played an important role in Ayurveda. The plant grows in Mexico, Sudan, India and China.  

Sandalwood oil - for sensitive and impure skin

The essential sandalwood oil comes from the wood of the sandalwood tree. It is obtained through water distillation. The oil has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Researchers at the Ruhr University in Bochum found out that the cells in the outermost layer of the skin have olfactory receptors for sandalwood. If the sandalwood scent activates these receptors, the skin cells divide more often and the skin heals better. 

Aloe Vera - for dry, mature skin

Aloe vera is often confused with an agave, but the plant belongs to the lily family and is a relative of garlic. Its fleshy leaves contain the valuable Aloe Vera gel, which immediately provides the skin with a lot of moisture. Aloe Vera Gel contains creatine, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, niacin, folic acid, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium.  

Rose water - for all skin types

Provides moisture, has a calming and antibacterial effect. Rose water refines the pores and gives the skin a rejuvenated appearance. The wonderful scent of roses relaxes and harmonizes. We use damask roses for Amrita Organics natural cosmetics. They grow in the Middle East, for example in Persia. 

Shea butter - for dry and stressed skin

Protects the skin against dryness. Shea butter comes from the fruits of the shea tree. It grows in tropical West Africa. Shea butter is less firm than cocoa butter and is therefore suitable for hair care. Shea butter can have a soothing effect on neurodermatitis and psoriasis. 

Cocoa butter - for dry skin

Cocoa butter comes from the cocoa palm, which grows in the tropics. Its firm consistency makes cocoa butter suitable for lip balm. Because cocoa butter melts easily, it can be spread very well over the body and is therefore an important and caring ingredient in our body creams. Due to its richness and suppleness, cocoa butter is ideal for the care of scars and stretch marks. 

Beeswax - for irritated skin

Protects the skin with a waterproof, breathable protective film. Beeswax consists of natural acids, waxes and hydrocarbons, has an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect. The wax has to do the same, because otherwise the bees could not survive in their combs. We love bees and use beeswax only for our balms. The wax comes from sustainable production.