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Health is the most valuable commodity. Our herbal and plant tinctures are based on the extensive knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine. In this category you will also find the vegetarian, fair trade food supplements from Pukka.

Mikro-Cobalamin Plus (Vitamin B12)
Mikro-Cobalamin Plus mit Phyto-Mikromineralien Ur-Essenz ist eine Vitamin-B12-Verbindung, die leicht über die Schleimhäute aufgenommen werden kann. Vitamin B12 ist das einzige Vitamin, das Mineralien enthält und daher besonders wichtig für das Wohlbefinden ist. Methylcobalamin und Adenosylcobalamin helfen, Symptome und Folgen von Vitaminmangel auszugleichen, den Stoffwechsel anzukurbeln, das Nervensystem zu stärken und den Körper zu entgiften. Gerade Vegetarier sollten darauf achten, genügend Vitamin B12 in der Form von Methylcobalamin und Adenosylcobalamin zu sich zu nehmen, da es nur in tierischen Produkten enthalten ist.Methylcobalamin und Adenosylcobalamin sind die beiden bioverfügbarsten Formen von Vitamin B12. Methylcobalamin ist als neurologische Form von B12 bekannt, während Adenosylcobalamin als mitochondriale Form bekannt ist. Eine Kombination beider Formen von B12 führt zu einem guten Ergebnis. Wir haben auch Quatrefolic hinzugefügt, eine reduzierte Form von Folsäure, die methyliert ist. Diese Form, das 5-Methyltetrahydrofolat (5-MTHF), weist eine viel höhere Bioverfügbarkeit auf. Die zugesetzte Phyto-Mikromineralien Ur-Essenz enthält die Co-Faktoren für die Assimilation von Vitamin B12.

Content: 25 ml (€75.80* / 100 ml)

Mikro-Synergy Plus Ultra
Optimized B vitamins, sugar-free, vegan in the glass bottle, dissolved in the Phyto-Microminerals Ur-Essence.Micro-Synergy Plus Ultra based on Phyto-Microminerals Ur-Essence contains, in addition to many other vitamins and minerals, as special ingredients methylated B vitamins, such as methyl cobalamin, methylated folate or folic acid and methylated vitamin B6.Phyto-Microminerals Ur-Essence is a liquid natural extract containing valuable organic trace elements, rare earths and macrominerals from the prehistoric virgin forest in the Rocky Mountains. This primal essence enhances the effects of the vitamins and nutrients contained in Mikro-Synergy Plus Ultra.Methylcolambin is activated or methylated vitamin B12. It is said to have a special effect on the nervous system and on a balanced psyche. Vitamin B12 performs a number of important functions in the organism. Among other things, it can help reduce fatigue and fatigue and maintain a normal energy metabolism.Methylated folate contributes to the maintenance of mental performance and likewise to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.Folic acid (vitamin B9) is involved in growth processes, cell division and blood formation. It also plays a role in iron and vitamin B12 metabolism. Folic acid is said to make an important contribution to protection against cardiovascular disease.Methylated vitamin B6 is significant for protein and fat metabolism, contributes to the formation of messenger substances in nerve cells, and has effects on the immune system.These optimized methylated B vitamins can also make an important contribution to liver detoxification. American doctors use methylated B vitamins to eliminate toxins after vaccinations, for regeneration after Long Covid and also to lower homocysteine levels.

Content: 500 ml (€8.99* / 100 ml)

Phyto Micromineral Primal-Essence
<p>Phyto Micromineral Primal-Essence is a liquid extract that contains a broad spectrum of 70 bioactive minerals and trace elements from the prehistoric jungle. Since this jungle was buried under lava in the southern Rocky Mountains millions of years ago, a large quantity of minerals and trace elements remained in the soil, which are absorbed from the spring water flowing through shale. These organic and colloidal minerals are of plant origin, formed through fermentation and microorganisms and a unique combination of precious nutrients. </p><p>The biological availability is high and because of the optimal synergy they get assimilated up to 90% by the body. Phyto Micromineral Primal-Essence covers the entire spectrum of minerals that the human body needs. Minerals play a key role for enzymes, vitamins, amino acids and hormones and are essential for the metabolism.</p><p>Mineral deficient people get cravings for chocolate, sweets, chips, alcohol, coffee, sausage and cigarettes. A sufficient mineral supply can reduce these desires and be a big support for weight control.<p>Book Tip:<br/>Heilung aus der Urnatur, Windpferd Verlag, 2003. Shalila Sharamon und Bodo Baginski.<br/>This Book describes the effect of these primal minerals.</p>

Content: 500 ml (€6.91* / 100 ml)