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Product information "Chi-Cafe balance 450g"

The original citrate base powder: multi-talent with over 30 health effects1

Dr. Jacob's base powder for base and mineral balance

Premium quality: made from vegetable and mineral raw materials, minerals from Germany.

95 % citrate minerals in natural balance for nerves2, muscles3 and bones4

For supple skin, beautiful hair and strong nails5

The most potassium-rich base powder with calcium and magnesium in a natural ratio of 3:2

Targeted balancing of typical mineral deficiencies# and acid load (PRAL).

No additives: without sodium, sugar, sweeteners, artificial flavors, fillers. No nano-silica.

Pleasant neutral taste with a light, natural citrus note.

300 g (66 servings)

Dr. Jacob's Alkalizing Powder - based on nature's example.

Vegetables and fruits provide valuable organic minerals, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, but little sodium. Dr. Jacob's Alkalizing Powder is based on this model. It contains minerals based on organic citrates: calcium and magnesium in a natural ratio of about 3:2, very little sodium and plenty of potassium. One serving of Dr. Jacob's Alkalizing Powder (4.5 g) contains comparatively as much potassium as 4 apples (600 g) or 1 bowl of strawberries (500 g). Potassium is not only the most important alkalizing mineral in fruits and vegetables, but also in our body cells.

Best price-performance ratio

In the portion price for the citrate mineral content and the base content, calculated as PRAL value (potential acid load on the kidneys), Dr. Jacob's Alkalizing Powder is on average significantly lower than that of competing products.

Refreshing mineral blend for 30-fold health

With the nutrients in Dr. Jacob's Alkalizing Powder, you can make a scientifically proven contribution to your health and the following normal body functions:

2support the nervous system - with potassium, magnesium, vitamin B1.

3support muscle function - with potassium, magnesium, calcium

4maintain bones and teeth - with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D

5maintain nails, hair and skin - with zinc

6support acid-base metabolism - with zinc

7support electrolyte balance - with magnesium

support heart function - with vitamin B1

maintain normal blood pressure - with plenty of potassium and little sodium

reduce fatigue - with magnesium

support energy metabolism - with magnesium, calcium, vitamin B1

support the immune system - with vitamin D, zinc

support mental function (thinking, feeling) - with magnesium

support digestive enzymes in the intestine - with calcium

1>> To the complete list of all 30 health effects

#National Consumption Study 2 (MRI 2008).

95 % organic citrates - naturally effective in the cell

Citrates are found in many foods and are a natural component of our cells. Organic mineral compounds such as citrates are very well absorbed and metabolized by the body. In the mitochondria (cellular power plants), one citrate molecule binds three acid molecules, which are then converted to energy in the citrate cycle. The citrate cycle forms the central circuit in human energy metabolism. 1 scoop (4.5 g) of Dr. Jacob's Alkalizing Powder has the alkaline PRAL value (Potential Acid Load on the Kidneys) of 800 g of fruits and vegetables, also thanks to potassium. Thus, only 1 scoop balances the typical acid load of the average German population.

On the subject of undersupply

Why is potassium so important?

Potassium is the most important base-forming mineral in our diet in terms of quantity and in every cell of the body. We need potassium to ensure that our muscles and nerves function normally and that normal blood pressure is maintained. However, while in Germany we consume far too much sodium, we skimp on potassium in our diet. The recommendation of the Food and Nutrition Board of the USA of 4.7 g potassium per day is hardly reached by anyone in Germany. Recently, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) also doubled the daily intake recommendation from 2 g to 4 g of potassium. No mineral has managed such a steep career so far.

Tip for athletes:

As an athlete, you lose not only water but also electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc) through sweat. To rebalance the fluid and electrolyte balance after athletic exertion, we recommend an isotonic alkaline vegetable drink.7

Preparation: Mix 1 scoop of Dr. Jacob's Alkalizing Powder with 500 ml of vegetable juice and mineral water.

The potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc contained in Dr. Jacob's Alkalizing Powder provide you with the most important minerals. Vegetable juice often contains salt as an ingredient - preferably sea salt - and is therefore a useful recipe ingredient, especially for people who lose a lot of sodium through sweat (so-called "salty sweaters").

Buy Dr. Jacob's Alkalizing Powder for alkaline balance now!

Dr. Jacob's tip: Alkalizing agents work particularly well in combination with vitamin D3K2 oil!

✔ Vegan ✔ Vegetarisch

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Verzehrempfehlung: 1–2 mal täglich 1 gestrichenen Messlöffel à 4,5 g in 300 ml natriumarmem Sprudel/Wasser auflösen. Am besten zu den Mahlzeiten trinken. Für die richtige Dosierung bitte vor jedem Öffnen schütteln! Kann bei übermäßigem Verzehr abführend wirken. Achtung: Bei (medikamentenbedingten) Störungen des Kaliumhaushaltes, Alkalose, Hyperkaliämie oder Nierenversagen erst nach ärztlicher Beratung verwenden. » Detaillierte Hinweise Die volle Tagesdosis (= 2 Messlöffel) ist für Personen ab 15 Jahren geeignet. Bei Einnahme der vollen Tagesdosis benötigen Sie keine weiteren Nahrungsergänzungsmittel mit Calcium und Zink. Tipps: Probieren Sie Dr. Jacob's Basenpulver auch kombiniert mit Lactacholin, Aronia-Elixier oder etwas Zitronensaft. Isotoner Basen-Drink: Für die optimale Aufnahme von Mineralstoffen und Flüssigkeit 1 ML Basenpulver in 1 Liter Sprudel mit einem Spritzer Zitronensaft lösen. Erfrischend und bekömmlich!
Kaliumcitrat, Calciumcitrat, Magnesiumcitrat, Magnesiumcarbonat, Siliciumdioxid, natürliches Aroma, Zinkcitrat, Vitamin B1, Vitamin D3
Füllhöhe technisch bedingt. Vor dem ersten Öffnen bitte schütteln.